It’s been a while since my last update. In that time I’ve been working behind the scenes to make Libsaurus a truly special entity that can offer the sort of products modern educators want and need. This is an ongoing process and Libsaurus is going to continue to change and evolve. As a part of this process, I’m so happy to be able to give amazing educators this opportunity!

Media and Information Week 2017

UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Week (MIL Week) is coming up from the 25th of October to the 1st of November. To celebrate MIL Week, I have a very special offer for all you amazing educators! For the rest of October through to the end of November this year, I am offering ridiculously cheap Media and Information Literacy school incursions. These sessions are a great way to engage our learners in essential life skills that will prepare them for their final years in high school, tertiary study, apprenticeships, or whatever else lies ahead. I have three talks prepared and ready to go:

1. Internet like a boss

Covers the core concepts of finding information using the web, including advanced Google tips, evaluating what we find, and using the right tools.

2. The SEARCHERS Guide

Introduces the SEARCHERS framework – a complete and robust search strategy that helps users break down their research processes into usable, easily digestible steps.

3. Who’s fake news? You’re fake news!

The media landscape is rife with hoaxes, conspiracy theories, satire, and clickbait. This session gives learners the tools to critically evaluate their news media, ensuring that they can access real and up to date information.

I can  also work with you to tailor workshops to meet individual classes’ needs.

While I’m based in Melbourne, I’m definitely able to travel to regional Victoria. If you’re further away than that, I’m sure we can organise something using videoconferencing software, just let me know!

In the Age of the Internet, being able to efficiently find, evaluate, and use information are key skills many employers are looking for, from both school leavers and uni graduates, and it’s never too early to start improving them.

Please share this around your workplace and networks and don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Just fill in the form below to book me in!

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The fine print stuff

  1. This offer is valid for bookings made between Monday 16th October 2017 and Friday 1st December 2017. Sessions may occur outside the offer period, up to the 20th December 2017.
  2. The cost of each session is $50, with a maximum of three sessions per school per day. There are no additional costs and GST is not applicable. It’s $50 FLAT.
  3. Sessions may run for a maximum of two hours (120 minutes).
  4. Bookings must be made at least one week (seven days) in advance by contacting
Celebrating MIL Week with a fantastic offer for awesome educators!

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